5 Best eCommerce Product Data Enrichment Services for Retailers

Did you know that before eCommerce teams even start writing, it can take them a whopping 45 minutes to enrich their products with the right attributes?

In fact, check out what Describely’s, very own Kayla Hesseltine has to say about this in a recent post.

That’s a whole lot of precious time spent on manual work!

But what if there were a simple way to enrich thousands of listings within minutes?

Maybe you already know about eCommerce AI and how time-saving it can be.

But it’s also limited to your data.

If you keep getting sparse details from vendors, these tools can actually create more work.

That’s why we’re reviewing the top 5 eCommerce product data enrichment services.

And by the end of this quick guide, you’ll discover what tools can automate every aspect of data enrichment, including:

  • Supplier data research
  • SEO implementation
  • Product attribute standardization
  • Product Title CTR optimization
  • Description accuracy

And most importantly, how to auto-enrich 1000s of products at once, reduce operational costs, and finally catch up with your product content.

Note: Describely is our multi platform eCommerce content AI. It appears in this list based on our competitive analysis because it’s the only tool that can reliably bulk-source data from official sources to later generate, not just optimize, effective product listings at scale. Give it a test drive here (no card required).

What are eCommerce product data entry services?

eCommerce product data entry services include various management practices to improve accuracy, leading to higher CTRs and fewer returns.

These services include categories, product tags, specifications, images, and even basic SEO from database lookups. Data entry focuses on completing all information optimally, which may not include data discovery.

Ironically, that’s a major bottleneck for creating product content at scale.

eCommerce product data enrichment services do include data research at scale.

Instead of manually browsing for every product, an “AI agent” goes out to supplier websites and collects product data with the same accuracy.

All you have to do is provide a product ID (e.g. SKU) and it will auto-fill listings with retrieved data. For better results, also mention your main keyword and website URLs to look up.

Types of Product Data Enrichment Services

Most product data enrichment solutions fall into one of three categories:

  • Data entry service providers
  • Product Information Management (PIM) platforms
  • Full-stack product content generators (such as Describely)

Or for short: outsourcing, optimizing, and generating.

When you outsource data enrichment services, an experienced team manually goes to vendor catalogs to discover and organize product content based on instructions.

PIMs specialize in efficiency. They’re collections of tools to integrate, automate, and optimize vital product info. They often have a large SKU database to retrieve supplier data and even adjust it in real-time.

The missing piece is AI generation: how to improve conversion rates using this data and generate effective product content at scale.

Which one of the three should you use? That’s what we’ll cover in the rest of this post by reviewing the five best product data enrichment services.

Reviewing 5 Product Data Enrichment Services

Since we’re looking for enriched product content at scale, we’ll focus on automated data enrichment services for this guide. This means we’re excluding outsourced data entry but also AI generators that don’t support data discovery (therefore manual).

So the 5 options below are either PIMs or full-stack eCommerce AI tools.

Describely for Automated Product Data Enrichment

Describely is an all-in-one AI solution for creating product content at scale. It excels at customization and bulk management to write and update hundreds of listings— even if you only have titles or SKUs.

With the Data Enrichment feature, Describely goes out to supplier websites to find all missing attributes for your product content.

Describely data enrichment

The simplest process to enrich data is:

  • From the catalog, click on Bulk Actions and select a product
  • Click the Data Enrichment button to show the options window above
  • Select the Title checkbox (and SKU if you have) and Start Data Enrichment

If your title includes the main keyword, that’s enough for Describely to explore different domains and generate product descriptions with relevant attributes.

So what does this look like at scale?

  1. Describely has one-click store integrations. From the dashboard, select Connect Store and your marketplace

Describely one click store integrations

  1. Once all products are loaded, go to Catalogs. Select Bulk Actions and Select All Products.
  2. Assuming they all have at least a SKU or title, select Data Enrichment as before.
  3. For simplicity you can check all four boxes. (E.g. If you’re mixing products with and without SKUs, both will collect data as long as there’s one specified field).
  4. If you want to narrow the search, specify the manufacturer sites to look up.

If you’re bulk enriching several unrelated products, you can still list all domains here because they will only receive data from the most relevant sources anyway.

  1. Start Data Enrichment, and within minutes you’ll have thousands of pre-filled products.
  2. Once generated, Bulk Jobs will appear. This is a list of all the products that you can edit in the same window, approve in one click, or approve all at once:

Describely bulk generation review

No more sparse product details!

That’s how you enrich entire catalogs within minutes. (For a more detailed walk-through, here’s The eCommerce Content Team’s guide to Product Data Cleansing and Enrichment)

But that’s not all. What sets Describely apart from PIMs is that it also generates brand-aligned product content at scale for optimal CTR and SEO. After enriching products, you can, for example:

  • Bulk generate titles that stand out on search pages
  • Bulk generate accurate product descriptions based on your custom AI rules such as length, tone, language, keyword exclusions, and also broader prompts.
  • Bulk generate keywords, meta descriptions, and product tags
  • Organize collections in online catalogs and synchronize changes on live stores
  • Switch between AI rule templates to comply with branding and marketplace guidelines
  • Easily update old listings without overwriting the specific parts using partial bulk generation
  • Optimize your workflow with unlimited user seats

Describely offers unlimited imports and store connectors with pricing based on product quantity. For example, $55/mo gets you 10 (bulk) data enrichment credits and unlimited generation for 100 products at once.

Unlike many PIMs, Describely is free to test without onboarding calls (no credit card required). Grab your free trial here to get instant access.