Effortlessly craft product content at scale

Write and launch product descriptions, titles, tags and meta descriptions instantly 

  • High-quality product content in seconds
  • Robust product catalog management
  • Bulk product content generation
  • Integrations with eCommerce tools & platforms
Product content creation

Power of GPT Optimized for You

Describely is powered by technologies like ChatGPT and OpenAI’s GPT models. However, our solution is optimized for your eCommerce copywriting needs and workflows.

ChatGPT and others

  • No Product Catalog
  • No Editor
  • No Collaboration
  • No eCommerce Integration
  • No Brand Voice
  • No PIM Integration
  • No SEO Data
  • Manual Review Moderation
  • No Bulk Creation


  • Import Your Product Catalog for easy management
  • Edit, Copy, Publish Generated Content Immediately
  • Assign to team members and approve copy as needed
  • Integrates with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms
  • Single or multiple brand voice across products
  • Integrate directly to your PIM
  • SEO Optimization and keyword data right at your fingertips
  • Integrated Review Moderation
  • Create content in bulk or batch to generate hundreds of product descriptions in just a few clicks

Describely supports eCommerce teams


Gain time back to focus more on operations and less on sales and marketing with product descriptions written by AI.  In an instant, create content for your product listings, category pages and more to improve your search rankings and increase the reach of your products, resulting in massive sales growth for your business. Wherever you need to rank #1, we’re here to support you.

Retailers and Resellers

Create unique product descriptions to differentiate big brand products or optimize your current product listings to improve your SERP standings – either way, we have you covered. You’ll be able to instantly convert leads to customers with automated content creation at scale, powered by AI 



Support more customers than ever before all while saving on operational costs. Our AI content generator gives you the power to instantly write engaging product content across a range of voices and industries – better yet? You’ll never go over budget again

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Smart eCommerce Marketing Teams Use Describely to Scale Their Product Description Creation

Describely is an easy-to-use AI tool that provides quality content with minimal human effort. My team and I can quickly upload fresh, creative content in any tone, allowing us to pioneer and maintain relevancy in the fast-paced eCommerce environment” 

Angie Miller, Director of eCommerce

“Writing content was always a pain for us and it would take us days to produce a single product page. We can get several pieces of content in a matter of seconds, which allows us to chose the best one or, what we usually do, mix & match using bits of different results. We can now produce a whole product page in less than an hour. ”

Leni, Director

“Describely has been a game-changer for our organization. It’s saved us significant time and effort in generating description and meta data, while also providing the flexibility and ease of use that we require. The customizations allow us to generate more accurate descriptions, eliminating the need for constant adjustments and fine-tuning.”

    Helen V., Online Web Production
    Target Australia

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    Describely integrations

    Essential Integrations

    Integrations include eCommerce content management systems like Shopify, SquareSpace, WooCommerce, Wix and PIMs like Salsify –  Amazon coming soon!

    Scale your product description and content work with AI


    Is this different from ChatGPT?

    Describely uses the same underlying OpenAI technology as ChatGPT, combined with our own proprietary solutions to meet your unique needs as a marketer for retail, manufacturing and e-commerce products.

    Will Describely write product descriptions for any platform?

    Yes, our AI product description and product content generation is platform agnostic.

    Do I need a credit card to get started?

    No, simply sign up for a free trial to get started.

    Can I customize generations for my company and brand?

    Yes! We use your data to train our AI to write product descriptions that match your brand tone and voice.

    Can I invite other people into my account?

    Yes, we are the best collaboration tool for eCommerce and retailers in AI.

    Can I use it anywhere?

    You can use any browser and various integrations.

    What kind of product content can I create with Describely?

    You can generate Product Descriptions, Product Titles, Product Tags, and Product Meta Descriptions