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Smart Marketing Teams use Describely to scale their product content creation

“Describely has been a game-changer for our organization. It’s saved us significant time and effort in generating description and meta data, while also providing the flexibility and ease of use that we require. The customizations allow us to generate more accurate descriptions, eliminating the need for constant adjustments and fine-tuning.”

Helen V., Online Web Production Lead
Target Australia

“Describely is an easy-to-use AI tool that provides quality content with minimal human effort. My team and I can quickly upload fresh, creative content in any tone, allowing us to pioneer and maintain relevancy in the fast-paced eCommerce environment”

Angie Miller, Director of eCommerce

“Writing content was always a pain for us and it would take us days to produce a single product page. We can get several pieces of content in a matter of seconds, which allows us to chose the best one or, what we usually do, mix & match using bits of different results. We can now produce a whole product page in less than an hour. ”

Leni, Director

eCommerce copywriting

High-quality Product Descriptions

With Describely, the ability to create high-quality product content is just a few clicks away.  Write product descriptions, bullet points, titles and tags easily and at scale 

Optimize for SEO

Our SEO tools are built to help you rank #1 no matter where you sell your products online

Let Describely plan your keywords for you, score your existing content against SEO best practices and give recommendations on keywords that help your content rank faster than ever before


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Optimize your entire catalog with Bulk Content Generation


Import your entire catalog of products and directly connect to your eCommerce store front for ease of content creation and management


Centralized Product Data Management

No more spreadsheet headaches. Simplify product content management with a single platform for descriptions, titles, meta tags, images, and more

Instantly write or rewrite your content and launch to every channel where you sell your products, in seconds


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Seamless Integrations

Describely’s product content platform integrates with tools eCommerce teams are already using. We’re constantly adding new integrations to enhance your content performance and workflow

  • XShopify
  • XPIMs
  • XProprietary systems 
  • XSalsify
  • XSquareSpace
  • XWix 
  • XAmazon – coming soon!
Describely integrations
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AI Image Generation

AI driven image tools to generate and edit your entire catalog worth of product photography

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