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Generate Accurate Product Content with AI Rules

Describely’s AI Rules feature gives you peace of mind knowing your product content will turn out exactly how you want it to, every single time, without the need for constant fine-tuning.

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Use pre-set AI Rules or create your own rules that best suit your brand voice. Get complete control over the consistency and quality of your SEO-optimized product content. is trusted by eCommerce content teams at leading retailers like:

Fine-tune your product content with precision and ease

Discover the simplicity and power of Describely's AI Rules feature as we walk you through how to set up your first ruleset in this 4 minute video.

Tailored Content to Elevate Your Product Descriptions

Move past generic content that fails to capture the unique essence of your brand. With AI Rules, input your brand's unique preferences once. Our AI will consistently apply these requirements across all product listings, infusing your brand’s distinct character into each piece of content with minimal effort, deepening customer trust and enhancing brand recognition.

Gain Full Control with Pre-Set AI Rules

Describely eliminates the hassle of generic, off-brand AI outputs, tedious prompt crafting, and endless rewrites. With pre-configured AI rules designed and optimized for every eCommerce platform - and the option to customize your own - you're in complete command of your product content.

Generate Accurate Content Every Time

Say goodbye to the endless hours spent on manual content writing and meticulous editing. Get precise and impactful content every time with minimal effort, so you can dramatically reduce the time and effort required for content creation, even as your inventory grows and diversifies.

Customized Rulesets for Every Catalog

Managing multiple product catalogs across one or more brands? No problem. With the flexibility to switch between different AI Rulesets, you can create, customize, and manage distinct content guidelines for each store, maintaining unique and on-brand product descriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Describely’s AI Rules

What are AI Rules?

AI Rules are customizable guidelines you set to control the tone, title length, and structure of your AI-generated product descriptions, ensuring they meet your specific requirements.

How do I set up AI Rules for my content?

Setting up AI Rules is simple. Access the AI Rules settings under the Account page in your Describely dashboard. You can choose to use one of our default rulesets or create your own.

Can I adjust the AI Rules after the content is generated?

Absolutely. You can modify your AI Rules at any time to refine future content outputs to better align with evolving brand guidelines.

Will using AI Rules make all my product descriptions sound the same?

No. AI Rules are designed to ensure consistency in tone and structure. But when it comes to content, the AI will create unique copy for each generation, reflecting its specific features and benefits.

How does Describely ensure the AI-generated content adheres to my rules?

Describely’s AI is programmed to strictly follow the AI Rules you set, with built-in checks and balances to ensure adherence to your guidelines, delivering precise and consistent content every time.

Is there a limit to the number of AI Rules I can set?

No, Describely allows you to set a comprehensive range of AI Rules to cover all aspects of your product content, providing full flexibility for your content.

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Ready to experience the impact of AI Rules on your eCommerce product content? Try Describely for free!