Target Australia Optimizes Their Product Description Workflow While Achieving a 98% Accuracy Rate (with Describely)


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Describely has been a game-changer for our organization. It’s saved us significant time and effort in generating description and meta data, while also providing the flexibility and ease of use that we require. What sets Describely apart is its flexibility in adjusting the AI rules to suit our specific departments. The customisations allow us to generate more accurate descriptions, eliminating the need for constant adjustments and fine-tuning.

Helen Valentine

Web Productions Lead, Target

Target AU’s Story


As a retail powerhouse, Target Australia stands at the forefront of the industry, boasting an extensive inventory that includes various categories with thousands of products. With their massive inventory of products comes the daunting task of creating optimized, high-converting product descriptions that can effectively appeal to shoppers and maintain their status as an industry leader.

However, even with their retail prowess, Target Australia was caught in finding a balance between crafting well-researched, SEO-optimized product descriptions while juggling an ever-expanding product catalog.

With a team of five dedicated writers responsible for crafting content for 250 products per writer per week for a staggering 1000+ new product descriptions each week, the magnitude of this undertaking became a source of strain for the team. Furthermore, writing high quality content to rank high in SERPs caused an even bigger slowdown, as it took substantial research time to find the right keywords for each of their new products. With an extensive catalog of new products to create content for weekly, they needed a tool that could easily fit into their workflow and help them create product descriptions in bulk.

Recognizing the need to improve content creation speed without sacrificing quality, Target Australia sought to enhance their existing workflow with AI.


Life before Describely: Lack of time and optimization

Prior to implementing Describely into their workflow, the process from receiving new products to creating product pages was slow and laborious.

In addition to the time spent researching for keywords, Target AU’s content would spend one to two minutes writing each product description manually. The daunting task of manually creating content for 1,000 new products weekly translates to hours spent each day on researching and writing.

The sheer volume of product content to be written and the time it required led to compromises in the richness and optimization of their product descriptions, which resulted in a straightforward and less-than-ideal strategy that produced generic descriptions that lacked SEO optimization just to keep up with demand.

Helen Valentine, Target Australia’s Online Web Production Lead noted,

“When you’re churning out 250 products a week per person, it gets hard to make everything different. Not even the product names were optimized; we were basically just trying to copy what the merchandisers named their products to make it easier for customers and store pick-packers to locate.”


How Describely took Target AU’s writing time from 2 minutes to 2 seconds



In searching for a tool that would mitigate their challenge, Target Australia found Describely, an eCommerce product content solution that can easily generate hundreds of SEO-optimized descriptions in a few clicks using AI.

They were thrilled to find a simple tool that required minimal change to their current workflow but provided massive gains in productivity, content quality and speed.

Describely took Target Australia from spending hours each day manually writing product descriptions to now spending mere seconds with the help of AI.

In fact, what would normally take 2 minutes on average, can now be done in 2 seconds thanks to Describely. If you do that math, that’s a huge reduction in time spend writing each product description.

Instead of having to research each of their products and create content by hand, Describely is able to generate hundreds of SEO-optimized product descriptions with AI in a matter of seconds. Now their team only needs to input the product name and details provided by the merchandisers into a spreadsheet, upload it to Describely, and have keyword-enriched, ready-to-publish descriptions for each of their products.

Target AU’s team “needed product descriptions that match what customers would receive”, and they were beyond impressed with the results generated by Describely. “The descriptions that we supply now to our customers are a lot better.” they added, “Before it was very generic, but now it’s been fluffed up to get those optimized keywords out there.” 

This strategic shift resulted in their content team saving hours of time per week, as Describely was able to achieve an impressive 98% accuracy rate in the descriptions generated.

Target AU’s team noted:

“Describely is definitely a time-saver.”

Describely provides a much-needed solution to their previous challenges. Now the team at Target Australia only needs to review the product descriptions generated by Describely, and can redirect the bulk of their time toward strategic aspects of the business while ensuring a dynamic and engaging online presence.

The adoption of AI in their content workflow not only improved the quality of their descriptions, but also introduced an efficient process for generating product content at scale.


What made Describely Shine?

“98% accuracy of AI-generated product descriptions”


One of Target Australia’s top priorities in choosing a solution was the ability to handle their high volume of products. With Describely’s bulk generation capabilities, Target Australia can now create keyword-enriched content for hundreds of products in just a few clicks.

This not only addressed their pressing need for scalability, but also became the cornerstone of their new content creation strategy. They could easily import and export products to and from Describely, which meant only minor changes were made to their existing workflow, leading to a significant impact in saved effort.

What Describely offered was not just a solution to a challenge but a transformative solution that redefined the way Target Australia approached and managed their high-volume product content generation.

A frequent critique of AI writing is the lack of accuracy, but Describely was able to break the norm. “Descriptions are very accurate” noted Eva, Target Australia’s Web Production Coordinator, “If I had to give it a percentage, probably 98% accurate. We rarely have to edit any descriptions or metadata.” This reliability translated to hours of time and effort saved from researching, writing, and editing across their team.

Target Australia also had plenty of new customization options to ensure the content generated was tailored to their customers’ exact needs, resulting in higher sales conversions.

Describely’s AI Rules give users the ability to customize generations on criteria like tone, length, language and more. This also allows for custom rules like requiring specific content in your generations. For Target Australia, this meant they could build a rule to include a CTA in all of their product descriptions instantly to meet their internal requirements.

In choosing Describely, Target Australia not only found a solution to their challenges but a versatile tool that added depth to their content creation strategy, saved hours of time per week and gave them the power of customized AI, built to support the needs of eCommerce teams at their fingertips.


What AI means for the future of Target Australia 

The adoption of AI into Target Australia’s content workflow has not only significantly increased the ease with which their team was able to handle high-volume product description needs, but has also marked notable improvements in the quality and SEO performance of the content generated.

Target AU’s team now gets together weekly to share tips and tricks while exploring new ways to leverage Describely to further increase their productivity. As Target Australia continues to explore additional use cases for Describely in their content strategy, the trajectory is clear — to continually elevate product content quality and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic retail landscape.

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