What’s the Best Product Description Generator for Ecommerce? We Tested Them For You!

Launching or updating ecommerce product listings? There’s a ton to juggle from product copy and meta descriptions to title tags, and the list goes on. 🤹‍♀️

Plus, you also have to balance tone-of-voice while injecting just the right keywords to optimize your content for SEO.

This is where AI product description generators are game changing.

But what if the AI tool you pick isn’t cut out for ecommerce? You could find yourself back at square one, doing even more work.

That’s why in this post, we’re going to dive deep and compare five of the top AI product description generators to find which one is the best for ecommerce.

And we put each to the test, using the prompt below on each of these platforms – read on to see which one came out on top.

ecommerce product description generators

TL;DR: Describely.ai is our product description generator and we highly recommend Describely.ai as the top on the list. Why? Because it’s laser-focused on ecommerce. Unlike generalized AI tools, Describely is tailor-made for ecommerce teams, streamlining large-scale product content generation and edits. Sign up now and see for yourself (no credit card required).

What Does the Best Ecommerce Product Description Generator Look Like?

This question is the fastest way to find the best product description generator, if not the only way. That’s not an exaggeration unless you have the time to compare the 8,000 AI tools that came out since ChatGPT:

Screenshot of AI aggregator

With so many AI products out there, how can you tell which one is the best?

You could go with the popular one— which doesn’t mean it’s the best— or create a filter to cut 1000s of options down to 5.

When it comes to ecommerce, the ideal product description generator has four qualities or CUES (Customized, Universal, Effortless, Specialized):

  • Customized: Does it allow you to change the AI rules so it doesn’t sound like every other store and also speaks to the customer? The more the options, the easier it is to A/B test for conversions later, or at least get copy that doesn’t sound robotic.
  • Universal: Is it a standalone platform that integrates with other ecommerce channels and platforms? It’s easier to scale when your tools don’t rely on a single marketplace. And it’s simpler: imagine having to organize another product description generator for Shopify, another for Amazon, WooCommerce…
  • Effortless: How effortless is it to produce content at scale? Can you generate product description copy in bulk and directly upload all your listings in a few clicks? Can you add more users without hassle? Convenience goes hand in hand with scaling.
  • Specialized: Is it actually an ecommerce product description generator, or is it an AI tool with a repurposed description feature?

Typically, generic generators don’t have all the features that ecommerce managers and marketers need. Instead, you get unnecessary features that end up making your job harder or worse, resulting in terrible product description copy. It’s not that it cannot work, but there’s a reason Amazon wasn’t built on WordPress.

Now that you know what the best ecommerce AI generator looks like, let’s see how many of the five (if any) check all four boxes.

1. Describely: Best for Product Content at Scale

Screenshot of the Describely landing page

Describely is the ecommerce product description generator that makes it easy to write and generate product copy using AI, then directly publish to your store.

It does this as a standalone platform where you can import products from platforms like Shopify or create new ones, either with the AI Chat or manually.

Screenshot of the Describely Dashboard after sign-up
Screenshot of the Describely Dashboard after sign-up

Describely is especially relevant for small ecommerce teams generating a ton of product descriptions because of three key features: bulk generation, custom AI rulesets, and integrations with other ecommerce platforms.

Here’s how you can save hours of writing after you sign up for Describely:

  • Bulk-generate 100+ products within minutes and only with a product title
  • Upload old listings, bulk-generate new optimized copy, and update all in your store without leaving Describely
  • Only bulk-generate specific parts. E.g. De-select to keep the title and bullet points the same so it only generates the product description.
  • Organize products from different brands with a different catalog and ruleset for every storefront.
  • Instantly upload your product descriptions to a brand new ecommerce channel (WooCommerce) rather than manually writing listings.

No need to imagine. You can try Describely right now without a credit card.

Now, what makes Describely different from other product description generators? To find out, we tested all five with the exact same prompt for a sample product (zen garden for home decor). This one:

Original sample prompt for product description generators

Original sample prompt for product description generators

This is the result from Describely.

Describely example of Product Description Generation for “zen garden”

If you find it oddly accurate, that’s because Describely already uses an optimized ruleset for ecommerce:

Describely Default Ecommerce Ruleset

Describely Default Ecommerce Ruleset

And you can create multiple rulesets with as many conditions as you want. To change AI rules, select Bulk Actions from any catalog.

Let’s go one step further.

Suppose you instead have three variations of the same product and want all three to be original:

Three Describely listing variations

Three Describely listing variations

Here, we created 3 product titles, selected Bulk Actions, and checked all the options:

Describely Bulk-Generation options

Describely Bulk-Generation options

For three nearly identical products (large zen garden, round zen garden, and zen garden with tree), here are the results:

Screenshot of Describely Description For Product Variation 1

Notice how the second product text below changes from the first one above:

Screenshot of Describely Description For Product Variation 2

Here’s the description for the third variation:

Screenshot of Describely Description For Product Variation 3

As you can see, Describely auto-optimizes the title, and every product description looks different from the others. And for better results you can even add more title details, or at least the distinctive ones.

It’s also worth noting that you can still edit manually or regenerate these descriptions.
For example, if you’d like to change the last bullet point to a refund guarantee, you can update your ruleset, de-select the parts you want to keep the same and bulk-generate again.

When done, you can export product descriptions as a CSV or publish them directly on your store.

Screenshot of the Describely Export feature

Screenshot of the Describely Export feature

Sign up for Describely now and create effortless product descriptions at scale.

2. Writesonic: Biggest AI Tool Library

Writesonic is an all-in-one AI solution that aims to cover every type of content and media format, including product descriptions. Its primary product is an AI Article Writer and Chatsonic, which also includes images and real-time data.

One problem with most AI tools is that they’re only as useful as how specific you are. To solve for this, Writesonic follows a modular structure that while attractive, can also be overwhelming. From descriptions to articles, there are presets for almost every content format.

For this test we used Product Descriptions v2 and the exact same prompt used for Describely:

We’ve kept the default settings for everything else, and the Writesonic description is this:

Writesonic example product descriptions for “zen garden”

Writesonic example product descriptions for “zen garden”

Not bad, but it doesn’t feel like a true ecommerce product description does it?

Compared to ChatGPT, it’s clear where the value is in Writesonic for marketing teams:

  • Generate original and keyword-optimized product descriptions without fluff
  • Generate copy variations for the same product
  • Add your brand voice to the generation by simply pasting your website domain or a sample listing
  • Repurpose product descriptions for different marketing formats and templates

The Writesonic pricing also offers flexible plans for teams of all sizes:

Screenshot of the WriteSonic annual plans

You can get started with 10,000 words per month to generate from any of the 100+ tools, including image generation and AI voiceovers.

For ecommerce teams, however, this jack-off-all-trades presents the typical trade-offs:

  • There’s limited customization. The AI rules can’t be changed directly and don’t specifically apply to online stores. You have to keep generating variants and hope it generates a good one.
  • It’s not specialized in ecommerce. Can you really make your brand stand out when other stores are using the same AI tools and presets?
  • Although it’s standalone, it doesn’t directly integrate with your online store.

Writesonic also offers CSV-only bulk generation. But the only way to try them is with the Business Plan which does require a credit card.

Still, the free options and endless AI features make Writesonic the perfect fallback tool to complement a dedicated product description generator.

3. Jasper: An AI Editor Built for Content Teams

Jasper is an AI-assisted document editor designed for marketers and content teams. While it also has similar templates to Writesonic’s, its biggest strength is user experience and collaboration features.

For example, instead of generating the product description after your prompt, Jasper replaces the input with the output.

If it’s not the result you wanted, you won’t need to rewrite the prompt. Instead, you highlight the text and describe how you want to change it:

Screenshot of Jasper text generation within the selection

Screenshot of Jasper text generation within the selection

If it’s not accurate enough, you can directly edit any word or format that Jasper generated. You have full freedom to move around sentences and resume the generation anywhere in the document.

Now, let’s put it to the test!

Back to our example product description for “zen garden”.

Here’s the description that Jasper generates by default:

Jasper example of product description for “zen garden”

Jasper example of product description for “zen garden”

You can see the generation is longer than usual while still including relevant keywords and natural language. It feels more like a blog post or a landing page than a product description.

Other relevant features for marketers include:

  • Several templates like product descriptions, reviews, or manuals, which you can generate all in the same document
  • Easy to train the AI for your brand voice based on live content
  • Flexible formatting that includes links, headings, and images
  • Integrated with content marketing tools like Grammarly and Plagiarism Checker (premium)

To try these features, you’ll need your credit card to start a trial for Jasper Teams (it’s the only one of the five that requires it):

Unlike Writesonic, you can test and write all you want in this trial without word limits. The editing sure is convenient, but does it actually help your ecommerce business?

The reality is, as a team looking to scale product content, you probably don’t have the time to write 3+ prompts for every product. Jasper isn’t designed for online stores, so there are no ecommerce-specific AI rules nor bulk generation. The same goes for integrations: Jasper doesn’t make it easy to get your product copy back into your store.

4. Copy.ai: Fastest For Content Ideas

Copy AI is a blazing-fast content generator that helps marketers narrow down to the best ideas by creating copy at scale. While it’s not ecommerce-specific, it specializes in organizing inputs and outputs (in this case, ecommerce product descriptions).

Screenshot of the Copy AI Dashboard after sign-up

Copy AI follows a shotgun approach to copywriting.

After writing your prompt, it generates about five variations that you can save, copy, or remove. And if you click “More like this,” it creates another bunch of variations nested under the one you chose, and you can keep choosing and nesting endlessly until you find the perfect product description.

Back to our product description example:

This is the Copy AI result when we put it to the test.

Copy AI product description example for “zen garden”

Copy AI description variations for “zen garden”

Unlike Jasper, Copy.ai did a great job of keeping the product copy short — but it’s almost too short. It feels like there will need to be a significant amount of human intervention to improve this copy.

With that said, here’s what makes Copy AI effective:

  • The more you test, the higher the chances of finding better copy
  • Oftentimes marketers can’t describe great copy until they see it
  • The content organization and design is well thought-out so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

If it sounds like a lot of work, Copy AI brings two other features to simplify it:

  • Infobase: You can upload documents and write prompts that reference later for your copy. For example, you can upload an existing product listing to Copy AI and generate, say, Google Ads copy.
  • Brand Voice: Here you paste a sample text or link to your website. Copy AI will describe your brand voice, and if you like the result, you can save and apply it to all new copy.

Copy AI isn’t as generous as Writesonic on the free version, and the Pro plan offers similar value to Jasper with five user seats:

For ecommerce teams, Copy AI falls short in the following:

  • There’s no bulk generation. You manually generate and select descriptions for every product.
  • The product generator itself doesn’t support prompts. It doesn’t register rules like “length below 100 words,” “add CTA,” or “write 3 bullet points.”
  • It doesn’t save every description, only the ones where you clicked Save.

Copy AI may be one of the fastest generators. The catch is that you might need 5-10 times more descriptions to compensate for its limited customization. This isn’t scalable for ecommerce.

5. Shopify Magic: Built by Shopify

The most basic tool yet from our list is Shopify Magic. As the name suggests, it’s nothing more than a Shopify product description generator. You can try this feature with the free trial of any Shopify plan.

The pros and cons are straightforward:

  • It’s built into Shopify so it feels very native
  • The length and keywords are optimized for ecommerce product descriptions, but the content quality is a bit off
  • You can add instructions along with the product features and tone, although very basic (length prompts don’t work)
  • You can click Try Again to regenerate the text, but you cannot directly change it
  • You can “bulk edit” your products, but only things like names/price/category, not the description

As for our product description example:

Shopify Magic created this one:

Example product description with Shopify Magic

Very basic, right?

There’s no dashboard or landing page. This screenshot is all there is about Shopify Magic.

Even though it’s designed by and for Shopify, other generators offer far more features to scale your Shopify store.

For example, Describely can directly upload product descriptions to Shopify in bulk and change them with your own AI rules. Plus, it’s not limited to just one platform.

Start Generating AI Product Descriptions With Describely

If you read this far, you probably wanted to review every option before making an informed decision. As you can see, very few AI tools are product description generators designed for ecommerce. The good news is, you don’t have to keep looking.

Out of the five AI generators, only Describely meets the four commandments of scalable ecommerce: Customized, Universal, Effortless, and Specialized.

Start marketing your store with the best product description generator. Sign up for Describely now.

FAQs for Product Description Generators

Can’t I just get the same descriptions with ChatGPT?

Possibly, but is it worth the effort? Is your time worth endlessly tweaking prompts and fixing every listing out of hundreds or thousands? If you want a competitive edge, you also want to update your product description keywords every few months. It’s no easy task without ecommerce-specific tools.

Isn’t there a huge learning curve to train AI?

There is, but only for generalized AI tools. Describely is designed only for ecommerce, and the default ruleset already follows the best practices, so you don’t have to change a thing. If you want to customize, every AI rule has a toolkit with examples of what to include.

Will I have to spend hours setting up Describely?

You can set up Describely faster than in the time you read this comparison. To set up Describely, simply import your products, bulk-generate with the preset ruleset, skim through the list, and if it all looks good, publish your new descriptions.

What if my customers don’t speak English?

Describely can generate product descriptions in German, Dutch, Spanish, and eight other languages.

Describely is Hands Down Best Product Description Generator for Your Store

It can be overwhelming to think of all the possibilities and distractions that AI offers. The difference is, when you buy a specialized tool like Describely, you know that every upcoming feature will be directly relevant to scaling your online store. Sign up today for effortless product content generation.