Best Shopify Product Description Generators to Try In 2023

Product descriptions play a crucial role in running a successful Shopify store. They provide vital information about a product and help to persuade potential customers to make a purchase. Crafting compelling product descriptions can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when you have hundreds of products in your inventory. That’s where Shopify product description generators come in handy.

These powerful tools use artificial intelligence to automatically generate unique and engaging descriptions for your Shopify products. Good Shopify product description generators analyze the product features and benefits to create persuasive content that speaks directly to your target audience. With the use of relevant keywords and a professional tone of voice, these generators ensure that your descriptions are SEO-friendly and able to rank higher in search engine results, resulting in more sales for you.

What is a Product Description Generator?

A product description generator is a powerful tool used in eCommerce marketing to create compelling and unique descriptions for products. It utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically generate product descriptions quickly and efficiently.

With a product description generator tool, businesses can save time and money by eliminating the need to hire professional copywriters or write hundreds of product descriptions manually. Good Shopify product description generators are also optimized for search engines, incorporating relevant keywords to help improve search rankings and attract potential customers. 

Using a product description generator tool is straightforward. Users simply input the necessary information about the product, such as its name, features, and specifications, and the tool generates a unique description. Some tools even offer keyword training and growth marketing best practices to further enhance the quality of the generated content.

A product description generator tool can be a valuable asset for any e-commerce business looking to create high-quality content for product descriptions. It offers the convenience of AI-generated product descriptions that are unique, SEO-optimized, and cost-effective.


Top Shopify Product Description Generators

While there are plenty of Shopify product description generators available, it’s important to analyze the features, pros and cons, and pricing options when choosing one that best fits your requirements. Here are our recommendations for the top picks:



Writesonic is a cutting-edge platform that offers AI-generated content solutions. Writesonic leverages the power of GPT-4 while incorporating their custom solution to create engaging, SEO-optimized product titles, descriptions, and bullet points. 

Writesonic’s product description tool allows users to instantly generate descriptions using AI. It has a flexible input field where users can write a list of product characteristics, add keywords and brand voice, choose a length between 0 to 300 words, and customize the number of outputs generated. 

Writesonic also boasts almost 100 content templates to choose from, allowing you to streamline all your content creation in one platform. Their content rephrase and content shorten templates allow you to repurpose and refresh existing descriptions for a new perspective or for a different audience. They also offer a bulk generate option available exclusively to their Business plan.

Writesonic excels in its ability to streamline content creation, saving businesses significant time and effort. The diversity of templates and styles accommodates various content needs to promote your eCommerce business. However, since their tool isn’t focused on eCommerce, it lacks many functionalities that would benefit eCommerce users.

Writesonic offers an Unlimited plan that starts at $20/month suitable for small teams. They also have a Business and Enterprise plan that unlocks higher-quality generations and more robust features for larger teams.

Writesonic has diverse templates to cover a variety of content needs, making it a go-to solution for eCommerce business aiming to create product descriptions, website content, blog posts, and other marketing materials. It is an all-in-one solution that is great for small to medium Shopify stores that may not have a dedicated content team. However, it does not have the most robust product description template or other eCommerce-related features. So if you are looking for a product description generator that is detailed and scalable, you might want to look elsewhere.



Descrii is an AI platform that creates high converting copy for landing pages, ad campaigns, sales pages, and eCommerce products. 

Descrii’s AI-driven content generation stands out as a core feature, producing descriptions that are both unique and accurate. While AI forms the foundation, Descrii allows for customization, enabling brands to infuse their unique voice. They offer different copywriting approaches such as before-after-bridge and feature to benefits, so you can generate copy that highlights different aspects of your product.

While they offer tools for all kinds of marketing copy, their Shopify app makes them a standout option for those looking to create product descriptions specifically. Descrii’s Shopify app allows you to generate simple descriptions and save them directly to your Shopify store. By selecting your product attributes and writing a short description, Descrii will enrich your product descriptions with options to include lists and product details. The downside is their product attribute dropdown selection can be limited, which is something to keep in mind depending on your product type. 

Descrii offers a simple pricing structure of $39/month for unlimited access, or $300/year on their annual plan. You can also contact them to discuss teams plans. 

Whether you are just launching your store or aiming to optimize your product listings, Descrii’s Shopify app can give your product listings a breath of fresh air. Their seamless integration and simple interface makes it easy to navigate. What it lacks is more robust features that enable users to manage their store more efficiently, since you would have to go through your product listings one by one to create content. It’s an optimal solution for small businesses looking for a simple tool to leverage AI for product descriptions writing. 



Another great product description generator that is available in the Shopify app is Tako. Developed by, Tako has extensive capabilities that instantly generates content for your Shopify store. And the best part, everything happens right in the Shopify app, so you don’t have to switch between different tabs copying and pasting your product descriptions.

Powered by AI, Tako takes your existing product information and generates unique and high quality product descriptions in seconds. It has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. All you have to do is fill in some details about your product and you can let their AI take care of the rest.

Tako automatically incorporates SEO keywords into your descriptions so you can boost your search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. You can also use it to generate blog articles, category page descriptions, ads, and more. One of the standout features is its diverse language options that enables you to generate descriptions in over 20 languages, so you can expand your market and appeal to a broader audience. However, what Tako lacks is bulk options. All of their generations require some form of manual input, which can become difficult to manage as you scale.

Tako excels in simplifying content creation, saving valuable time and effort for businesses. They offer a free plan that gives you 20 credits. They also have 3 paid plans with different generation limits, so you can always find a plan for your needs.

Tako SEO Description AI Writer is an ideal solution for small Shopify store owners aiming to seamlessly automate product description writing. Their accessibility and ease of use empowers users to create engaging, SEO-optimized, and unique product descriptions that captivate customers and drive conversions. Unlike Descrii’s Shopify app, you are not limited by their selection of product attributes. Instead, you are free to include any product keywords you would like to include. It generates quality product descriptions with just a few simple inputs – making it a valuable tool for quick and simple product description creation.



Describely is one of the only AI-powered softwares that is hyperfocused on eCommerce. It stands as a transformative platform tailored to empower eCommerce retailers, manufacturers, and agencies with AI-generated product content. 

Describely employs advanced AI technology to produce descriptions that seamlessly blend compelling narratives with strategic keyword integration, giving you captivating and SEO-optimized product descriptions that resonate with customers and drive conversions. Their keyword search tool can be extremely useful for optimizing your product listings for search engines, so you can outrank your competition and appeal to your target audience. The tool also assesses your title, description and readability and gives an SEO score, allowing you to foresee how your product listing may perform and find ways to improve.

Although there isn’t a Shopify app for Describely, it integrates with all major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Salsify, and more. You can connect your Shopify store’s catalog and manage your store directly in the Describely software. The integration allows you to generate and edit your product descriptions and deploy them directly to your store in a few simple clicks, saving time from switching between platforms so you can launch updates in real-time.

Describely offers highly customizable and scalable plans that can tailor to businesses of all sizes. It offers a freemium plan that includes 25 generations per month. Its Core plan begins at $9/month, with various options for products, users, bulk generation capacities, and more. They also have an Enterprise plan for users with large volume needs.

Describely is the go-to solution for Shopify stores of all sizes seeking an efficient, streamlined approach to generating quality product descriptions. It has powerful eCommerce-focused features that can improve SEO, save time and effort, and generate high-performing descriptions that can be easily scaled as your business grows, allowing you to manage your store with ease. 

One reviewer mentioned that Describely is “a must-have tool for anyone selling online”. With its user-centric features and AI-driven technology, Describely caters to a broad spectrum of Shopify users, helping them unlock the potential of their online store and stand out in the competitive eCommerce landscape. With product descriptions that resonate, engage, and convert with customers, Describely is an indispensable tool for those seeking to effortlessly enhance their product descriptions and streamline their content creation process. 


In the world of eCommerce, where compelling product descriptions are the key to captivating customers and boosting sales, Describely can be your secret weapons for success. With AI-driven innovation at their core, Describely transforms the way you create content, saving time, enhancing SEO, and ensuring your products shine. Try Describely today and witness firsthand how it can revolutionize your eCommerce journey. Take the leap and start your free trial now – your eCommerce success story begins here!