February Product Recap: Product Data Enrichment, Field Mapping, and More

At Describely, we’re hard at work building the very best platform for eCommerce content teams. 

And today, we’re excited to recap all of the exciting product updates and enhancements that we made to Describely in February. 

Let’s check out what’s new!

Product Data Enrichment

Our Product Data Enrichment feature was built for content teams looking to enhance their product listings with rich, detailed content. This month, we’re taking it a step further by giving you the ability to modify data enrichment keywords and the generated content, providing an unprecedented level of customization.

feb update product content enrichment

This enhancement makes it easier to fine-tune your product descriptions, ensuring every product detail is captured to ensure that you’re giving your buyers the most accurate information while improving the quality of your AI generations.

To learn more about Data Enrichment, check out our knowledge base here.

Streamlined Field Mapping

We understand the importance of a smooth, intuitive import process for your product data. That’s why we’ve revamped our field mapping feature, improving the file import mapping flow and overall UI/UX. The new workflow is designed to reduce the time spent on data mapping, giving you a smoother, more efficient experience of mapping your product data. 

Additionally, we’ve expanded our file compatibility to include XLSX formats, in addition to CSV. This update caters to a wider range of data formats, making it easier than ever to integrate your existing product data into our platform.

feb update field mapping

Generate Product Content From an Image

Our latest update to the Product Content Generation feature now allows you to initiate content generation using an image, a set of images of the same product, and/or product keywords/descriptions. 

feb update generate from image

This enhancement makes it easier and faster than ever to generate eCommerce product content.   


That wraps up our February product recap! 

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