June Product Recap: Centralized Setting for Tailor-Made Content

As we step into the heart of summer, we’re excited to bring you some hot new updates from June.

This month, we’re unveiling more customization capabilities in your product content. From consolidated content setting, auto-generated unique content rules, to more robust content enrichment options.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

New “Brand & Content” Section

We updated the organization of Describely’s left sidebar to give you centralized access to all your content settings.

The addition of the new “Brand & Content” section brings some of our most popular features—Content Rules, Brand Tone, and Restricted Words—front and center, which is essential for customizing your needs and preferences for content that is uniquely yours. 

This update makes it easier to access all your brand information in the same place, making navigation more intuitive, so you can manage your content more efficiently.

Create a Ruleset from Product Descriptions

We’re excited to introduce a new, more tailored way to create your content ruleset. 

Instead of manually selecting your content settings from scratch, you can now input an existing product description sample to let Describely automatically detect and create your unique content ruleset.

This new method allows you to generate a ruleset based on your top-performing content, simplifying the content customization process and making it easy to maintain a consistent tone and quality for future content generations. 

If you haven’t created your content ruleset yet, there’s no better time to try it out than now.



Enrich Your Data with Images & Custom Attributes

Our powerful Data Enrichment feature just got a significant upgrade. 

Now, with only a product SKU, Describely can pull in images and specific product attributes of your choice from across the web. By enriching your product data with detailed visuals and attributes, you can improve the accuracy and appeal of your listings, making them more informative and attractive to your customers. 

Even better, you can do this in bulk across your entire catalog, ensuring that all your product content is always comprehensive and up-to-date, providing a better shopping experience for your audience.

If you’ve been struggling with minimal product data from manufacturers or suppliers, Describely’s Data Enrichment feature is here to help.


That’s all for our June recap!

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