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Describely.ai gives you one AI-powered platform for all your eCommerce content needs

Automated Product Data Enrichment

Quickly fill information gaps from manufacturers or suppliers and seamlessly enrich accurate product data. Cut down time spent accessing and enriching product data to ensure your product descriptions are always comprehensive, up-to-date, and compelling.

High Quality AI-Generated Product Descriptions

Effortlessly craft captivating product descriptions, bullet points, titles, and tags that scale with your brand. Transform the way you engage with your customers through compelling narratives for every product.

AI Bulk Content Generation

Import your entire product catalog and seamlessly sync with your eCommerce storefront. Generate content in bulk regardless of your inventory size, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Customize Your Content With AI Rules

Describely's AI Rules give you precise control over tone, title length, and description guidelines for accurate, low-maintenance content generation.

SEO Tools Built For eCommerce

Our SEO tools are built to help you rank #1 no matter where you sell your products online. Let Describely suggest your keywords, score your existing content against SEO best practices and give recommendations on keywords that guide your product pages to top rankings and impactful visibility.

Centralized Product Content Management

No more spreadsheet headaches. Describely brings you a centralized platform for managing all product content elements – descriptions, titles, meta tags, images, and more. Instantly craft, revise, and distribute your content across all sales channels in a few clicks, no matter where you sell.

Integrations That Work For You

Describely seamlessly connects with your existing eCommerce content ecosystem, with integrations to all major eCommerce platforms. We’re constantly adding new integrations to make it easy to sync your updated product descriptions back to your store.

AI Image Generation

Step into the future of product imagery with AI Image Generation. From generating to editing, transform your product photography into a way of the future. Bring your catalog to life with images that capture the essence of your products and brand.

Describely is empowering the future of eCommerce product content for high-impact teams around the world

“Describely is an easy-to-use AI tool that provides quality content with minimal human effort. My team and I can quickly upload fresh, creative content in any tone, allowing us to pioneer and maintain relevancy in the fast-paced eCommerce environment”

Bert Raynolds

Director of eCommerce

“Writing content was always a pain for us and it would take us days to produce a single product page. We can get several pieces of content in a matter of seconds, which allows us to chose the best one or, what we usually do, mix & match using bits of different results. We can now produce a whole product page in less than an hour.”

Leslie Baker

President & Founder

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