Product Data Enrichment

The Easiest Way for eCommerce Content Teams to Enrich Products With Sparse Details

Not getting enough info from manufacturers and suppliers

Spending time transcribing data from third-party tools & services

Spending hours manually pulling data from the web

Overpaying product data source access & services

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Product Data Enrichment helps eCommerce managers, writers, and content teams enrich entire product catalogs with up-to-date information in seconds. is trusted by eCommerce content teams at leading retailers like:

End Hours of Tedious Data Cobbling

Watch as Describely fills in your data gaps, turning sparse product information into compelling descriptions that convert.

How Describely's Product Data Enrichment Feature works

Choose your products

Select products you want to enrich, or let Describely scan your entire catalog to generate better content.

Enrich your product data

Simply use the title or SKU number, and let Describely do the rest.

Review your enriched data

In moments, your enriched product data will be available for review. Approve or decline generated data.

Ready for next generation use

Use enriched data to generate high quality product descriptions.

Stop Wasting Time Manually Hunting for Product Data

Manual searches can eat up hours, even days or weeks, especially for extensive product ranges. With just a title or SKU number, swiftly capture product data you need for 1,000’s of products all at once.

Eliminate Inefficient Spending on 3rd Party Data Tools

No need to buy 3rd party data tools that just show you the same data they show to all your competitors. automatically fetches you the data that you need to make unique and high quality descriptions at a fraction of the cost.

Reduce eCommerce Purchase Failures from Inaccurate Content

Up to 20% of purchase failures could stem from unclear or missing product information. Describely’s Product Enrichment feature fetches you the most relevant and detailed product information, so you never have to worry about incomplete or inaccurate listings costing you sales again.

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Managing Product Enrichment in Spreadsheets

With Describely, move out of cumbersome spreadsheets and into a single platform where you can enrich your products throughout your entire catalog, and then use AI to create high-quality product descriptions.

We Guarantee Accurate Product Details, or We'll Refund Your Data Enrichment Credits

Not satisfied with the results? Simply reach out to us and let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions About Describely’s Product Data Enrichment

Can I generate product data for over hundreds to thousands of products using this feature?

Absolutely! Describely’s Product Data Enrichment feature is adept at handling bulk generation for an extensive range of products, from dozens to hundreds and even thousands of products. 

Do I need data enrichment for my products?

If you’re facing challenges with limited product information from manufacturers and suppliers, especially for new products, then data enrichment is essential. Our feature simplifies this process by pulling comprehensive product information, making it easier to create quality product content efficiently.

How can I generate accurate results?

You can enhance the results of data enrichment by providing a specific, public website location such as a manufacturer’s website. Describely will prioritize retrieving data from the provided domain. Also, ensure that all products have globally identifiable numbers like GTIN, ISBN, or model numbers. This will help pull in relevant data for each product.

Is the product data enrichment service automated?

Our service is fully automated, requiring minimal input like just a product title or SKU. The process works seamlessly, almost like magic!

Where can I learn more about how to use the data enrichment feature?

For a comprehensive tutorial, you can explore our help documentation here. Additionally, consider signing up for a free trial to experience the tool firsthand.

How much does the data enrichment feature cost?

In addition to the Describely subscription, the Data Enrichment Feature is priced per credit, you can purchase as little or as many credits as you need based on the number of products you want to enrich at any given time. Your data enrichment credits never expire so you have the time to use them. For detailed information on our plans and pricing, please visit our pricing page.

How does the data enrichment guarantee work?

If you’re not satisfied with your data enrichment, just reach out to us. We’ll evaluate your concerns and, if the results aren’t up to par, provide a full refund for the credits used on the unsatisfactory generation.

We Guarantee Accurate Product Details, or We'll Refund Your Data Enrichment Credits

Not satisfied with the results? Simply reach out to us and let us know.