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Describely’s AI-product description writer makes it easier than ever to create high quality SEO-optimized eCommerce product descriptions across thousands of products.

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Generate high quality eCommerce product descriptions at scale in just 3 easy steps

Step 1 — Choose your products

Select the products you need SEO-optimized descriptions for. Easily import them from your existing catalog or begin with a new lineup. Only have a title or SKU? Use Describely’s Product Data Enrichment Feature to easily enrich these items with their product attributes , ensuring more precise and effective description generation.

Step 2 — Set your custom AI rules

Use Describely’s pre-set AI Rules or tailor your own to match your unique style. Customize elements like tone of voice, description length, output language, and more. This flexibility guarantees complete control over the consistency and quality of your SEO-optimized product descriptions.

Step 3 — Bulk generate your product descriptions

Guide Describely on the specific elements you need content for in your product descriptions. Whether it's the full spectrum — including descriptions, titles, keywords, bullet points, and meta descriptions — or just a single aspect, Describely’s AI Product Description Writer adapts to your needs. Simply select your preferences and click “Start Bulk Generator” to begin.

And voila, you’ll get high quality AI generated product descriptions instantly!

Review, edit, and approve, your AI generated product descriptions.

Sync your product descriptions in one-click

Instantly sync your product descriptions back to your store. Describely integrates with Shopify, Wix, Salsify and many others

Describely is more than just another SEO product description generator

You read that right — is a game-changer in eCommerce content creation. eCommerce content teams are choosing Describely for a good reason. We don't just generate meta descriptions; we offer a complete solution that takes care of everything from enriching sparse product details to crafting and fine-tuning those perfect product descriptions. With, you get a hassle-free, efficient way to handle all your content needs at scale.

Enrich Product Data

Automatically fetch and enrich key product attributes, streamlining your process and cutting down on manual data searches and external data tool expenses.

AI Generated Product Descriptions

Whether starting with enriched data or just a few details, Describely crafts high-quality product descriptions with ease at scale.

Centralized Product Content Management

Move your team away from spreadsheets. Manage your entire eCommerce content workflow effortlessly on one unified platform.

We Guarantee High Quality AI Generated Product Descriptions, or We'll Refund Your AI Generations

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Frequently Asked Questions About Describely’s Product Description Generator

What is a product description generator?

A product description generator is an automated tool designed to create detailed, engaging descriptions for eCommerce products, enhancing their online presence and attractiveness to customers. Describely’s AI-driven generator is smoothly integrated into its platform, empowering you to effortlessly craft high-quality, SEO-optimized product descriptions. This tool ensures uniformity and appeal across your entire product catalog, effectively capturing your audience’s attention and boosting search engine rankings.

Is this an SEO product description generator too? Can it help me rank my eCommerce content?

Absolutely! Describely is not just a product description generator; it’s also a powerful SEO tool. It’s adept at seamlessly integrating relevant keywords into your product descriptions. This capability ensures that your eCommerce content is not only appealing to your customers but also optimized for search engines, aiding in improving your online rankings and visibility. With Describely, you get the dual benefit of captivating product content and effective SEO strategy, making it an invaluable asset for your eCommerce business.

How does an AI product description generator work?

Describely’s AI product description generator works by analyzing the details and nuances of your products. It then generates unique, attractive descriptions for each item. This intelligent process involves a deep understanding of your product’s context and relevance, ensuring that every description is not just engaging but also SEO-friendly to boost your online search presence. Moreover, with Describely, you have the option to set specific AI rules. This grants you finer control over the content, reducing the need for constant edits and ensuring that every description aligns with your brand voice and specific needs. This functionality is key in making your products stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

Can I generate product descriptions in bulk?

Yes, indeed! Describely is equipped to handle bulk generation of product descriptions, no matter the scale of your inventory. Whether you’re dealing with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of products, Describely can efficiently create descriptions for all of them in a single go. This feature is a huge time-saver, streamlining your content creation process and ensuring consistency across your entire product range.

What if I only have a title or a SKU? Can I still generate an accurate product description?

Yes, you can! Even with just a title or a SKU, Describely’s Product Data Enrichment feature comes to the rescue. This feature allows you to enrich your products with the necessary attributes first. Once your products are enriched with the correct details, you can then use this newly enhanced information to generate more accurate and detailed product descriptions. Describely ensures that even with minimal starting information, you can produce high-quality, precise descriptions for your products.

Can I integrate Describely’s AI product description writer with my store?

Absolutely! Describely offers seamless integration with a variety of eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Wix, Salsify, and many others. This allows for smooth synchronization and updating of your product descriptions directly within your store’s framework. Additionally, there’s the convenience of exporting your product descriptions to a CSV file, offering flexibility in how you manage and deploy your content.

We Guarantee High Quality AI Generated Product Descriptions, or We'll Refund Your AI Generations

Not satisfied with the results? Simply reach out to us and let us know.