April Product Recap: Elevated Bulk Generation, Content Management, and In-app Experience

April was about more than just showers – this month, we’re excited to unveil some new features and updates that would significantly improve your content management and bulk generation experience.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

Custom Catalog Views for Maximum Efficiency

To help you manage your product listings more effectively, we’ve launched Custom Catalog Views. 

This feature allows for a personalized dashboard to minimize clutter and maximize efficiency while enabling you to quickly access and focus on relevant information without getting overwhelmed by unnecessary data.

With the ability to tailor specific views for various tasks, you can optimize your workflow for data enrichment, bulk generation, or other content management tasks. Switch seamlessly between these custom views to ensure your digital workspace always fits your specific needs at hand.

Learn more about Custom Catalog Views and 4 essential Views every eCommerce content team needs in our recent blog post.

Enhanced Bulk Generation Workflow

Our Bulk Generation workflow has been revamped to provide a smoother, more intuitive user experience. 

You can now access your Bulk Generation dashboard directly from the sidebar, allowing for quicker navigation and setup. 

The UI updates are designed to make managing your bulk jobs easier, from start to finish. These enhancements are aimed towards speeding up the process of creating and updating product content while increasing the accuracy and quality of the outputs, ensuring your product descriptions are both compelling and effective.

Product Updates Available In-App

Stay ahead of the curve without ever needing to step out of the app. Our new in-app announcement section delivers important updates on our latest features straight to your homepage. 

This means you can receive immediate notifications about new launches and enhancements, ensuring you are always informed and equipped with the latest updates for the ultimate Describely experience.


That’s all for our April recap!

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